Hayward Pool Vac XL

The Hayward 2025ADV Pool Vac Pool Cleaner Ultra XL is a compact, neat-looking robotic pool cleaner by Hayward, one of the leaders in the robotic pool cleaner industry. The Pool Vac pool cleaner has several innovative features, including wider wings, turbine technology and AquaPilot steering, which help the unit go about its job quietly and efficiently.

Hayward has introduced two versions of this model. The 2025ADV is designed with vinyl pod shoes that clean vinyl-liner pools without damaging the surface of the pool floor or walls. The 2025ADC is designed with concrete pod shoes that are capable of cleaning concrete surfaces.

Features At A Glance
• Weighs 20 lbs. with hoses
• Suction-side pool cleaner
• For cleaning in-ground residential pools
• Has a 40’ hose
• Comes with a skimmer cone, cleaner head, vacuum gauge and installation video
• In-line vacuum gauge for setting suction levels
• Wider, longer-wearing wings for better pool coverage
• Turbine technology for silent, smooth operation
• Advanced pod propulsion that does not use wheels or belts that can fail or get worn
• Powered by existing filtration system so no additional equipment is required
• Easy to install and use – Can be connected in less than 10 minutes
• AquaPilot programmed steering pattern ensures that the pool is cleaned quickly and completely
• Cleans large as well as small sized debris

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  • Lightweight
  • Quiet turbine technology
  • 10 minute installation time
  • Efficient cleaning cycle
  • Reliable


  • Gets stuck on drains
  • Clogs on hard debris
  • Expensive replacement parts

The Pool Vac Ultra XL is powered by the pool’s existing filtration system. This makes installation easy and trouble free using minimum equipment. The unit installs directly into the vacuum line and starts working when the pump is running. There is no need to pay for a booster pump or any other additional equipment.

You do not need to do any pre-clean programming. Both models, the 2025ADV and the 2025ADC, clean the pool using the exclusive built-in AquaPilot technology. This is a programmed steering system that guides the cleaner around the pool in a preset series of turns so that it covers all areas of the pool, leaving it spotlessly clean after it has completed its cleaning cycle.

Its wide vacuum wings extend the cleaning area considerably and also provide additional stability and suction, allowing it to effectively pick up debris of all sizes, from larger leaves to smaller pollen.

Features You’ll Love

Lightweight – At 20 lbs, it is easy to pull this unit out of the water after it has finished its job. Having a grab handle makes it even easier.

Quick & Easy Installation – It will take you less than 10 minutes to connect the unit to the skimmer or suction port. No need for any additional tools.

Easy debris pickup – The wider spread of the wings and the consistent suction power make it more efficient when it comes to picking up all debris on the pool floor.

Silent Operation – The Turbine technology allows it to go about cleaning the pool smoothly and quietly so you can even relax by the pool side while you wait for the unit to finish its job. There are no noisy parts or pulsating hoses that will mar the peaceful surroundings.

No Debris Bags to Replace – The device is hooked up to the existing filtration system so you do not have to worry about removing or replacing debris bags.

Pre-programmed Steering – This little unit is pre-programmed for maximum efficiency so that’s another thing you do not have to stress over. Just install it and it goes about doing a thorough job using a predetermined sequence of turns.

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• Lightweight, compact design that is easy to store and easy to take out of the water after every cleaning cycle
• Turbine technology for quiet operation
• Efficient cleaning cycle
• Can be easily installed in 10 minutes without any tools
• Pre-programmed steering for more efficient pool coverage
• Wider wings for additional stability and suction
• No wheels or belts that can wear away or malfunction
• Easy to remove out of the water when done
• No need to waste time emptying or replacing debris bags

• Tends to struggle to move over the drain
• Gravel, hard debris or small, hard objects such as acorns and twigs can clog the vacuum and block the drive
• Has limited capacity to climb all pool walls. Cannot climb walls that are at sharp right angles to the floor with no gradual slope
• The motor is tough and long-lasting but if you do have a problem, motor replacement can be very expensive

What Users Are Saying

The Pool Vac Ultra XL has received mixed reviews from users. While some users rave about their purchase, others have had a less than stellar experience with their unit.

Some users say that their cleaner often stops midway during the cleaning cycle if an object such as an oak nut or pebble gets stuck in the bottom, which a few even complaining that theirs gets stuck every five minutes. It often gets stuck on the main drains too.

A few users resolved the problem of leaves stopping the unit by installing a leaf canister that catches the debris and prevents it from collecting in the pump basket.

Still others are frustrated that the hose keeps getting entangled while cleaning. The expensive replacements are another pet peeve of many users.

Is The Pool Vac Ultra XL For You?

While the fact that it does not have a built-in motor or a built-in filter can be a good thing, not everybody likes the fact that this unit operates using the pool of the pool’s existing filtration system. That is another thing you will need to decide on.

The pre-programmed steering pattern and turbine technology are huge plus points. If you are looking for an efficient robotic pool cleaner that will go about its job quickly and quietly while you lounge around at the pool site, then the Pool Vac Ultra XL is definitely a good buy.